“All I want is peace. Can I just have some peace? Or maybe some joy. It is the season for joy after all. Really, is it too much to ask?  More than that, dear Santa, I would like to feel loved and I would like to be out of pain.”

Sound familiar? Here we are at the holiday season again and, for many reasons, many people don’t look forward to spending time with their families. Relationships may be strained or maybe someone in the family needs a little too much attention that just takes more energy than we have. In reality, we are often looking for a way to be free from guilt, fear, grief, traumatic memories and heartbreak.

In truth, we store all the memories from holidays past and those memories, with all the emotional and physical reactions, come to life whenever any similar situation comes up.  BodyTalk calls these “active” memories because these memories were not fully processed or resolved and they recycle over and over. The older we get and the more memories are stored that continue to compound the health issues we face. Sometimes we have symptoms that just flare up suddenly, but we can’t find the reason for it.  Sometimes, just watching a movie (or thinking about visiting family for the holidays) will trigger a subconscious reaction to a stored memory.

Accunect and Sacred Space energy medicine techniques can help dissolve the emotional charge surrounding these memories or even traumas so that we can begin to resolve some of the health issues we face. Whether those health concerns are born from emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical, Accunect and Sacred Space address the needs of the whole person.

I remember the Christmas that I said, “All I want is peace!”  I can tell you that through my healing journey with energy medicine, I have experienced more good days than bad. I have learned so many life lessons and my life is so very different than it was so many years ago. There is tremendous freedom when we are finally able to unburden.  Whether you have already been on a healing path or you are just starting, may you have a joyous journey ahead of you because your life can be one of joy!

Kathi Springman