Sessions Can Help

General Health | Allergies |  Viruses & Infections

Arthritis  |  Back Pain  |  Injuries/Traumas  |  Headaches  |  Migraines

Pre-Surgery & Post-Op Recovery  |  Scars & Adhesions

Memory Retention  |  Learning, Study & Test Preparation

Dyslexia| Learning Disorders| Sensory Integration| ADD/ADHD

Stress/Anxiety  |  Insomnia  |  Chronic Fatigue

Depression |  Emotional Disorders  |  Emotional Trauma

Sports Performance | Test Performance

Pre-natal Care  | Pre- & Post- Delivery

Family Health |  Relationships | Homes & Land


a full range of health practices that help you improve your health as well as teach you how to manage your health.

Available for individuals of all ages, children and families, small and large groups and business teams. Sessions can be In Office or Long Distance (via a phone or video conference). Initial sessions are usually 60-75 min. Subsequent sessions average around 30-60 min.

During your session

our practitioners spend time listening to your goals and your concerns. We utilize BodyTalk and Sacred Space methods and techniques to assess what the priorities are for YOU and YOUR BODY. We then use these healing modalities to address issues that present themselves.Most sessions follow a general balancing protocol.  Initial sessions begin by discussing your intake form, your goals for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. In subsequent sessions, we discuss any changes you may have noticed since the last session.  Plan on 75 minutes for your first session and about 30 minutes per session after that.