Benefits of Being Flexible

RESISTANCE FLEXIBILITY offers immediate, cumulative, and permanent increases in flexibility; takes the pain out of stretching and protects you from injuring yourself by over-stretching.

Physical Benefits from Stretching

Astounding physical and physiological changes result from developing greater flexibility. Specific stretches create predictable improvements.

You’ll experience more fluidity in your movements. Suddenly you’ll be sitting up straighter, lighter, walking taller, becoming more youthful and child-like in your movements. Your power, strength and endurance will skyrocket. Chronic pain will magically disappear. Your diet will improve, future injuries won’t have a chance, and your general health will be enhanced. You’ll feel stronger, more resilient, and vigorous. You’ll be mystified by your emerging physical prowess.

Spiritual Benefits from Stretching

Unbelievable spiritual changes result from developing greater flexibility.

Becoming more flexible connects you with positive life changes while it disconnects you from objectionable parts of your life. Changes in awareness and modifications in perspective become daily occurrences. The wonderful connection between your body and your life can be directly experienced from stretching. You will find yourself being more ethical and principled, showing greater integrity, and enjoying doing the things that are good for you. You will begin to live more and suffer less . . . experience everything about energy and spirit . . . living timelessly.

Emotional Benefits from Stretching

Exciting emotional changes result from developing greater flexibility.

Dismantling the emotional armor we wrap about ourselves is a principle benefit of flexibility. You’ll find yourself maturing emotionally—becoming more intimate, more attached, more sensitively engaged in other people’s lives.

All sorts of things will begin to look and work better—your self-image, your confidence, and your appearance. The things you really like and need will suddenly be made clear to you. You’ll free yourself from the traumas of the past, and learn how not to repeat the same mistakes. Despondency and anxiety will loosen their grip, and in their place will emerge a burgeoning and intensely exciting and fulfilling creativity and passion.

Psychological Benefits from Stretching

Cathartic psychological changes result from developing greater flexibility.

Stretching allows you to experience highly desirable personality or behavioral traits that quickly become integrated into your personality. It makes you more psychologically “fit”—better at decision-making, self-expressive, more trusting, etc. You’ll think with greater clarity, become more focused and articulate, and have a perspective that is forward-looking and future-minded.

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Resistance Flexibility Class

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“As a naturopath and energy medicine practitioner, I’m always looking for what can support the body physically while we are working on the underlying energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues that affect health. By far, Bob Cooley’s Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training is the best I’ve seen at achieving long lasting results from multitudes of issues. In fact, this work is so important, that we are adding RFST to our energy medicine practice and encouraging our clients to implement it into their healing journey. It is through living in a physical body, that allows us to pursue and attain spiritual growth. I find that RFST truly helps one find a new way of being. By grounding ourselves in our bodies, we can achieve our goals in energy, mind, will, emotions, and spirit.”

Kathryn Springman, BCND, The Retreat MindBody Wellness, Founder of Sacred Space Healing Modality

“I am a yoga teacher…not my day job…as well a dedicated cyclist. I cannot ‘stretch’ without resistance. If I stretch without properly applying resistance, I can feel improper tension, and rather than stretching the muscle, it pulls on the attachment… the joint! I no longer do or teach a traditional forward bend….with all the ‘sitting’ going on in our society a traditional yoga forward bend can create pain, improper movement based on tension, and perhaps cause injury.”

“I loved how light I felt afterwards, how all the stretches were so intricate when working on my muscles and how it melted away some of the fascia in my body. The concepts are pretty easy to understand and apply, all the while being in-depth and interesting! I feel such a difference in my body now! After applying the stretches into my daily routine, I noticed an incredible difference in my athletic performance, stamina, health, and posture. Incredible!”

Can’t thank you enough Jay! Some of my guys called me in for work this afternoon. I was a totally different guy out there. They noticed immediately how much better I was moving. Dropped your name to everyone I talked to. Thanks again!

Kevin S.

Jay Lyons is the very best at his work. He is cutting edge, kind and professional. Please seek him out if you need help with fitness, recovery and just good plain health advice!

Donna DeVarona, President, Damar Productions

Jay is a miracle worker! After my first session, I felt stronger, more flexible and empowered to stretch on my own. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from Jay’s knowledge

Suzie B, New Business Development, Orca Communications

When I initially met Jay, I was amazed and baffled by how much he was able to teach me about my body. Particularly astonishing was his ability to identify what was causing pain by only observing how you walked. For nearly 6 months I worked withJay learning how to heal and maintain my body, allowing me to advance myself as a professional entertainer and stunt man for movies. What Jay offers goes beyond a personal trainer, physical therapist and a life coach all combined. Only hire him if you are ready to expect results.

Josh Vinyard, Entertainment Specialist, Austin, TX

Jay is very helpful in solving my physical therapy/stretching needs. He truly knows how to find and solve issues never before identified by other health care providers. He comes with the highest recommendation I can give. He will only help you solve your aches and pains and teach you how to self stretch and find other tools to keep on track.

Josh Vinyard, Entertainment Specialist, Austin, TX